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About Us

Datel Group

The Partner for fast building e-society

Datel AS is one of the oldest and biggest Estonian-owned IT enterprises. It currently employs around 100 people. During its 26 years of operations, Datel has made life easier and simpler for many Estonians by creating numerous Estonian e-state services. In 2013, Datel established a subsidiary in the USA. In 2016, Datel and its subsidiary Ovela LLC created a software solution for the White House initiative ‘Opportunity Project’, which enables local authorities in the USA to develop local life.

Empowering smart communities

Active on three continents, the Datel Group empowers smart communities from the United States to Asia. Implementing brilliant ideas from the very narrow to those of an entire nation, find your story with us.

Ovela LLC

With American vision, Ovela brings Nordic GIS innovation to the United States. Ovela aims high and takes the challenge to provide advancement for governments and the private sector through next generation spatial intelligence, all in the palm of your hand. From local to global, tourism to trade, inspections and permitting to advanced GIS software, Ovela delivers high quality engineering with a friendly user experience.

  • timeline Founded: 1990
  • people Employees/Staff: 90+
  • language Web:
  • link LinkedIn: Datel

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